When we’re moving into a new house, you’re excited, but a little part of the mind is worried about the things to do, taken care of and consider before shifting. Tasks like packing, moving, dealing with the Internet, cable and other connections, clearing all dues sound nightmare. After some time, these thoughts overpower the excitement of moving in and sometimes might result in delay or more expenses.

The following are some of the tips to be more efficient while shifting your home:

1. Do the talking in Numbers- Don’t ever try to plan by saying “I’ll shift by next week” or “I’ll pay the dues by evening”, rather fix a time and date like, “On 4th, I’m moving into the new house” and “at 5, I’m going to pay the bills online”. Always try to plan in Number so that you get clarity in your mind.

2. Use Mobile Apps for “To do List”- This is very important and the best tip one can give. Smartphones are the best aid while you’re shifting as they can remind you about the things to do and show which tasks to be completed first, that is give you a sequential plan. Nowadays, one can set a reminder of calling or texting someone and the application itself does everything. This is helpful unless you start “What’s apping” your friend or watching YouTube videos.

3. Segregating according to nature- Like the bin bags, one has to start separately from the Books and documents from Clothes and utensils. There should be different boxes or containers for kitchen utensils, books and stationaries, dresses and other items. Also, packing should be started as early as possible because it’s complicated.

4. Hire Professional Movers- It is very important to hire professional movers as you can’t afford to take this task, while you’ve many ‘big ones’ in mind. And importantly they’re professional in this and do this job perfectly and more efficiently. But before trusting on the company or the firm, extensive research is necessary as you also can’t afford to damage any of your things.

5. Pay all the dues- Before moving into a new place, you should always clear out the back. When you move in to a new place, you’ve ‘No Idea!’ how many things you’ve to do, so clearing out the old will definitely help.

6. Keep your documents safely- We often hear, whenever someone moves into a new place, one of his important papers, document or Photo albums are lost or misplaced, and they get them after years and their expiry. So, keeping your documents safe and separately is the very important thing to be done.

The above tips will help but don’t solve the tasks because the real job is solved with efficient planning and sometimes luck. It is also essential to clean the place before moving into a new one. Before moving in, check whether the place has all the basic connections like Electricity and Water. Read and listen as many blogs and people before the start and when started never listen to anyone as they might confuse and pressurize you.

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