There are many housing communities and builders who offer a wide range of extra privileges in the area and for the individual homes as well. At times, these real estate amenities can give you an added advantage because they are options you will not have to pay for later. Here, you should pay close attention to how well they work.

Some very important amenities that needs a check are –

Swimming Pools
If there is a swimming pool, and of course there will be! Then you need to walk around the entire pool and look for cracks that may be forming or have already formed in it. In case there are in-ground pools, they may have tiles that you need to take a look at. If pools are above ground, you should check the outer rims for any leaks. Eventually pool repairs can be expensive so it’s important be sure and check them out before making a final decision.

Proper Fencing
Fences are included in the amenities list in almost all real estate properties, and checking this is just as important as anything else. Make sure the wood or steel cage fencing is of good quality and does not have any signs of wear or rot. If you are moving into an already built residence, then you may have to ask how old the fencing is and the type of materials that were used. Just like swimming pools, fencing can also be of great expensive to repair, so check them thoroughly.

Irrigation System
If there is an irrigation system that comes with your new home, you also want to take a very close look at this. Ask the seller to run the system to make sure that it works properly and that there are no areas that are broken or damaged in the system.

The Landscaping
Landscaping areas that are already set up are the important areas that you specially need to check. Most of these areas may look okay from afar or top, but up close can be a little different. Enquire about any recent home landscaping and if there were issues noticed that they came across while doing it.

As you can see, it’s very important to make a final check on all amenities like the above mentioned and also of other entertainment and lifestyle amenities in your apartment before signing on the dotted line. It is advised to stay cautious and do the research ahead of time so you won’t be disappointed.

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