The love for luxury homes is not a new discovery; it is an old desire that has been growing among us since forever. To begin with, during the 1700s, European settlers in North America incorporated these architectural styles of their native countries into their new homes which we call colonial architecture in the modern times. The styles that arose as “Colonial architecture,” are also known by many other names thatinclude Georgian Colonial homes, Spanish Colonial, German Colonial, French Colonial, Dutch Colonial, Federal and Cape Cod.

The characteristics of this masterpiece stood unique regardless of the size of the home. Most colonial homes share different characteristics, these homes are symmetrical, or square, and some homes even feature an entry door that can be found in the middle of the front of the building. This style also bears two windows on both sides of the entry door, along with five windows on the second floor, with one stylishly placed directly above the entry door. Now to mention few other characteristics, they include paired chimneys;mostlya medium pitched roof to access drainage in rainy weather and a stairway that is directly behind the entry door which leads to a hallway that bisects the middle of the second floor. These were some specifications of the standard colonial homes back then.

When the colonial architecture came to India in the mid-16th century, the earliest buildings of them all were entirely constructed with wood and were heavily fortified. Later on, the Portuguese began using stone as their regional influence increased and eventually they gained access to quarries. Soon thereafter, the Dutch, Danes, French, and other English counterparts followed suit. Due to the perceived danger from locals, even some factories were built in a defensive posture, with long fences and gates. Inside these rudimentary complexes were courtyards, public administrative buildings, and warehouses. As things kept getting better and better, it was not until the middle of the 18th century when European colonials would begin building to the east as well. The history of these homes is however very vast to understand in one go. The best way we suppose you can get closer to know these magical possessions is by owning one at the Jain Heights.

These wonderful dream houses designed in colonial style of architecture by acclaimed architects at the apartments at East Parade are unique and capable enough to change the skyline of Bangalore. If a high end living is what you’re looking for, then Jain Heights being the best in town is your perfect choice on fulfilling your desire to own a colonial styled home.Each flat is built with utmost care toexpose the acme of luxury. Presenting you the revolution in the segment of luxury apartments, each flat in the project of Jain Heights in Bangalore redefines the concept of premium condominiums. Our apartments at East Parade beckon you to a new world of porches living space, plush settings and world class architecture, all capable of sufficing your need for a return to Old Bangalore.

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