When you’re looking at homes for sale in Bannerghatta road, C V Raman Nagar, or somewhere near Yeshwanthpur, certain factors top your list, they could be a large walk-in closet, a well-designed gourmet kitchen, or a private backyard. But what’s beyond the details of the house itself is your potential new abode’s neighborhood which will most likely be high on your list.

Maybe it is the community pool, or the nearby biking trails, or a walkability distance to elementary school or the grocery store. Or wait, it could be the overall curb appeal of the neighborhood on the whole. Who would not want their neighborhood’s entrance bursting with a welcoming feel, colorful flowers, and shrubs? So here’s a list of the neighborhood features that will satisfy your home-buying checklist and also boost your resale and property value in the future –

Walkability Factors
It is not that we drive or take public transportation everywhere these days, we do walk! But the truth is there’s something about being able to walk out your front door and head down the street to buy some groceries or to a local coffee shop that not only appeals to potential buyers but will boost your resale value significantly.
Whether you’re a youngster, corporate professional or a baby boomer, every homeowner wants to have the liberty to walk or bike to local eateries, bars, grocery stores, banks, and more.

The Luxurious Amenities
If the builders included a free pool in your apartment community, why wouldn’t you? I mean, homeowners love neighborhood amenities, right? Typically, new home communities offer pools, fitness facilities (gym aerobics and other areas of maintaining fitness), and parks and play areas, and also the well monitored security and gates. Amenities like tennis courts, walking and biking trails, and dog parks are simply incredible things to boost a home’s value, especially for families hunting for one.

Added Historic Charm
The historic character of a neighborhood adds a good portion to its resale value, as it is a feature that is difficult to replicate or create all over again. Many times, historical districts will aim to maintain a certain level of uniformity and have community commissions that help in the perseverance of the neighborhood aesthetic that in turn will help preserve values. So this indeed is a selling point or for new buyers a point to flaunt.

Uniqueness of Homes
Nobody wants to choose from the four models a builder offers, this is why neighborhoods offer you the choice of semi custom or custom homes and this at times holds a better resale value that other ones don’t.
Areas with custom and semi custom homes tend to show larger increases in value over time. More astute buyers ask for unique homes with character that adds to the charm of the neighborhood. In this case, buyers are more likely to own the property for longer periods of time, creating fewer turnovers in the neighborhood.

Schools and Colleges
In most cases, this does matter a lot. Indeed, it almost goes without saying that if a neighborhood is located in a great school district, it immediately boosts a home’s value. Say, if a home is in a quality school district, the surrounding communities tend to not only retain their value but appreciate it as well. All parents want to gift their children with quality education and when you live in a community that is close to a great school then why would you switch homes?

No matter which country, state or district you live, it is very mandatory and basic to have a great neighborhood. This, on the whole, increases your property value and your lifestyle as well. For more insights regarding properties and homes, please visit our site www.jainheights.com

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